Virtual Interactive Remote Training (VIRT)

I am providing numerous trainings for my clients via Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Go To Meeting, ZOOM and other platforms. These trainings allow screen sharing and I have HD quality video and high quality audio as well.

VIRTUAL/REMOTE Delivery Format
· 30 minutes
· 60 minutes
· 90 minutes
· Daily
· Weekly
· Bi-weekly
· Other

Here are just a few of the topics I am offering for the REMOTE worker:
· 10 Tips for Effectively Working From Home (Most Requested)
· Daily workday structure
· Staying engaged
· The Do’s and Don’ts when working from home
· Maintaining peak levels of performance
· Communication tools to increase personal interaction
· Creating a positive home work environment
· Holding yourself accountable
· Daily activity vs Daily accomplishments strategies for maximum productivity

Motivation to your staff is key during these difficult times!

Please keep in mind all my previous trainings can be developed in a VIRUTAL/REMOTE format.

As you remember from our time working together in the past, I bring the energy and passion to all my trainings even those that are VIRTUAL/REMOTE.