Motivational Speaking

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Motivational Speaking can be uplifting, educational and entertaining. Looking for a high-impact, energized, speaker and trainer who presents on numerous topics relative to organizational effectiveness? If you are looking for a way to start, rejuvenate the energy at mid-point, or wrap up your meeting, conference or company event in an informative yet entertaining way, then Milton Hunt is the speaker for you. Milton Hunt is available for keynote addresses, workshops, seminars and breakout sessions.

Our program style is:

  • High energy
  • Heavy audience participation and interaction
  • Lots of laughter — laugh while you learn


To be a motivational speaker means to be a messenger of empowerment, prompting our spirit and awakening the utmost that is to be found in each of us. A true speaker is one that lives by example rather than putting on an act for the audiences. Motivational Speaking is not a profession that can be learned; for it is not the words that make the difference but rather the person speaking them.

Milton Hunt’s presentations are entertaining and inspirational. They use personal examples to illustrate that despite our circumstances, our dreams can be fulfilled. Milton Hunt illustrates that through the principles of personal responsibility, we can all become “master of our fate, and captain of our soul.” The programs are highly educational, informative approaches to successful living—both personally and professionally. Audiences from Fortune 500 companies to associations have benefited from their thought-provoking formula, which includes human relations, communication, and personal development.


Personal development is an area Milton Hunt speaks to with great success. Everyone attending these sessions acquires information and insight they can apply every day. The result is results… improved negotiation skills and enhanced interactions with colleagues, customers, and family not to mention the sensational meetings!


We customize the topic to meet your needs and the theme of your event, conference, or program.  Customizable themes are:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Service
  • Change
  • Diversity
  • Morale

Besides being an exceptional motivational speaker, Milton also anchored the television series “Be Your Own Boss” for Essex Community College.