Employee Coaching

Employee Coaching

Financial losses due to issues and problems with employees can deeply damage your company’s bottom line. A company can lose thousands of dollars because of the ineptness of just one employee. Employee Coaching by Milton Hunt can overcome the challenges.

For the employee, we provide a trusting environment for our employee coaching. We identify and leverage existing strengths, and access weaknesses in need of development. For the employer, Milton Hunt puts resolutions into an action plan that delivers proven results. “Human capital” is your company’s most valuable asset. When employees fall short of expectations, coaching is the way to invest in them…and your bottom line.

It is no mystery that Milton Hunt is such an exceptional employee coach. He possesses a unique perspective and remarkable ability to recognize vulnerabilities among populations and unify cultural and generational differences among individuals and groups of all ages. Those who engage with Hunt easily identify with him and they sense, “He understands me.” And he does. In combination, these qualities are distinctions that position Hunt at the forefront of industry leaders.

Hunt has trained and coached in the corporate, government and private sectors. He also is a keynote and motivational speaker, an “edu-tainer,” known for delivering powerful and proven ideas in informative, captivating, and exciting ways. In all endeavors, Hunt performs with high energy and immense dedication.

Besides being an exceptional motivational speaker, Milton also anchored the television series “Be Your Own Boss” for Essex Community College.