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Credit Union Video Testimonials

Milton Hunt offers both off-the-shelf and customized onsite training programs to companies, government, associations, universities, and other organizations that want to train people in the skills rarely taught in school. The videos are based on Milton Hunt’s credit union client testimonials from services offered at conferences, workshops, retreats employee and management trainings.

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Milton Hunt offers credit union services both off-the-shelf and customized onsite training programs to Credit Unions of all sizes that want to train people in the skills rarely taught in school. Courses are customized to meet your credit union’s specific needs. Keynotes, workshops and seminar programs are solutions based. Whatever your programming needs are, I will work closely with you to develop dynamic content that delivers practical information. The material covered can be easily reinforced long after the training session has ended.  Please see my webinar for more information regarding the services mentioned on the credit union videos.

Some of my most popular courses/workshops/presentations are:
Customer Service: Excellence in Customer Service for Your Member
Communication: Communicating with Tact and Diplomacy; Public Speaking; Training the Trainer
Leadership: Change Management; Leadership vs. Management; Leadership and Team Development; Team

Work/Team Building
Human Resources: Conflict Management; Creating a Respectful and Harassment-Free Workplace; Diversity: Mutual Respect Equals Success in the Workplace; Generational Differences in the Workplace; Life Balance; Working Under Pressure
Management: Leading Effective Meetings; Consensus Building; Meeting Tight Deadlines/Delegating; Organizational Politics, Influences and Alliances; Staff Performance: Motivating, Praising and Criticism
Morale/Personal Development/Motivation: Maximize Your Potential
Staff Development: Effective Goal Setting; Time Management: Managing Multiple Projects and Meeting Deadlines
Board of Director Training, Legacy Leadership, Volunteer Training
More information on these topics is available in our “Training & Speaking Overview” and, in greater detail, in the comprehensive Training & Speaking Catalog.